There comes a time when you open your eyes wide and see that the world as you know and co-create it has been totally destroyed. Values, emotions and beliefs you cherished the most have completely disintegrated. All my life I have thought that such situations could happen to everyone else but me. I was wrong. I sank into a deep dark dream in which nothing made sense. I started looking for a way to awaken and get out of this awful predicament. Thus I returned to photography after a very long time. Photography has become a sort of phototherapy for me.


I was born in 1986. I live in Kraśnik, Poland. I graduated from Lublin School of Photography. I am an independent photographer and I create my own subjective projects.



National Georaphic Magazine

Eye Photo Magazine

Docu Magazine

GUP Magazine

Dodho Magazine



2023 Gomma Black & White Awards 2023 - Finalist 

2023  9th Fine Art Photography Awards, conceptual - Nominee

2022 LensCulture Street Photography Awards 2022 - Juror's Pick's Winner

2022 GUP/ NEW Dutch Photography Talent 2022 + Cover - Finalist

2021 Gomma Photography Grant 2021, black & white - Finalist 

2021 Monochrome Awards 2021, fine art - Honorable Mention

2021  ND Awards 2021, open theme - Honorable Mention

2021  Monovision Photography Awards 2021, fine art - Honorable Mention

2021  Estate Fotografia Siracusa Sicily IT 5th ed. 2021- Finalist

2021  Moscow International Foto Awards 2021, fine art - Honorable Mention

2021  7th Fine Art Photography Awards, open theme - Nominee

2017  Eastreet 4 - Finalist

2016  Nd Awards 2016, landscapes - Honorable Mention 

2016  Monochrome Photographer Awards 2016, landscapes - Honorable Mention

2016  Tokio International Foto Awards 2016 - Honorable Mention

2015  DEBIUTS 2015 - Finalist

2014  10 WKF National Geographic, fastest to perfection- Honorable Mention